Have you ever seen a ghost

Have you ever seen a ghost? No?

Do you think is it because there is not such a thing? Otherwise you should have seen it? So, why older people claim to see many things that we do not see these days? Are those things, such as ghosts, used to exist once, but not now?

People' eye see what they their brain see. People believe in something then see it, and they think they believe it, becasue they have seen it! If you know something; i.e know it in a particular way, you will see it in that way. Otherwise, the thing is there, but you can not see it, `in that way`.

We are thought to see things in the way we do. We teach our children this is `girlish`, that is `boyish`; this is `beautiful`, that is `ugly`. This is a `nice` thing to do; that is `impolite` thing to do. Therefore, children will see things in the way they have learnt.

Even professionals will do the same thing. They are taught how to see the world. A medical doctor is said: `it is not a morally weak person, it is a case of `antisocial personality disorder`. Therefore, they see it in this way. They see `antisocial personality disorder`. Physicians do not say `I see` that in this way, they say, `it is` an antisocial personality disorder, in a way antisocial personality disorder is something in the nature of that person.

It is possible that a new definition comes and Physician starts to see the old patients in a new way. It is possible that different physicians see the same patients differently. So you can select the diagnosis that will be made on you, by selecting your physician!

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